Seniors Connect is a collaborative project focused on reducing the social isolation of adults age 55 and over in Nanaimo through participation in local activities, increased community  connection and providing older adults meaningful opportunities for engagement. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program and will provide an array of programming through partner organizations.

Senior’s Connect Centre in Nanaimo closing end of November 2019


Senior’s Connect Centre in Nanaimo closing end of November

[NANAIMO BC, November 1 2019] After three and a half years as a hub of connection in the mid-Island region, the Seniors Connect Centre at 150 Wallace Street in downtown Nanaimo will close on November 22, 2019. 

Nonprofit agency Nanaimo Family Life Association (NFLA) has run the Seniors Connect Centre as a partner in the federally-funded New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). The NHSP funding in Nanaimo concludes in December of 2019. The Centre’s purpose has been to alleviate social isolation and connect vulnerable older adults to their community. By all accounts it has been a very successful project. Social isolation is a leading cause of mental and physical illness and considered, for seniors, as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

The Seniors Connect Centre’s impact has been widely felt in the community. During its operation, the Centre welcomed thousands of seniors through the doors. During drop in days over 4,700 unique visitors accessed coffee, snacks, advocacy support, and social connection – all at no cost. The range of free workshops and classes also logged over 3,400 attendees between the opening of the Centre to August 2019. 

Deborah Hollins, Executive Director of NFLA says, “The Seniors Connect Centre has become a home for many of our city’s most vulnerable older adults. With their input, we have created a safe space where older adults can find friendship, practical help and support. We have worked hard to alleviate social isolation, a major health issue for Seniors. We will continue to look for funding and a space to alleviate this issue in our community. We are concerned about many of those who have become part of this community, and will continue to advocate for a space and appropriate programming for them.”

Nanaimo Family Life Association will continue to work with all levels of government and other nonprofit agencies in the community to ensure that seniors remain connected and supported in our community. 

A closing event will be held at the Seniors Connect Centre on Thursday, November 7th from 10 am to 3 pm. Volunteer acknowledgements will take place at 11 am, with a light lunch to follow. Community members who have previously attended programming at the Centre are encouraged to attend. 

Download the press release here: Senior’s Connect Centre closing press release

Seniors Connect Calendar

Click on the ‘Download Here’ button below to download the free upcoming workshops for November 2019 at the Seniors Connect Centre.

Seniors Connect Community Resource Card

This card was envisioned and created by one of our volunteer Action Groups. This wallet-sized piece offers a number of community resources for seniors. Hard copies are available at no cost, contact Seniors Connect to order. A digital version is below:

Seniors Community Resource Card

If you think a senior may be at risk, seek help!

If you are unsure of what to do contact

Vancouver Island Crisis Line


(24 hours a day/7 days a week)

For Information- Support & Referrals.

Dial 911 for urgent emergencies

On July 22, 2019 the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force presented the Age Friendly City Plan to Nanaimo City Council, where is was unanimously adopted! 

The Nanaimo Seniors Task Force is the designated lead agency in charge of promotion and implementation of the Age Friendly City Plan

The Latest on Wise Folks

Episode 10 – Curious About Medical Cannabis?

Episode 11 – Fabulous Frocks and Adaptive Clothing

Wise Folks, a Nanaimo Family Life Association production produced in partnership with  Shaw Spotlight aims to bring relevant and timely informatioin to older adults about topics that are trending as well as to share the expertise we learn from our elders.. Episode 10 focuses on enlightening older adults about whether or not medical cannabis is right for them.  Episode 11 explores fashion trends for older adults and includes options for persons with physical limitations.

Wise Folks which is filmed and hosted by senior volunteers airs once a month and includes such important topics as social isolation, health and wellness, transportation and more.  Missed an episode? Archives are here. The program also showcases seniors in our community and it is featured Islandwide!  If you have an idea for a great guest on Wise Folks, please contact producer Cathy Holmes at 250-754-3331 x 202.

Wise Folks is a collaborative production with Shaw Spotlight.


Who is the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force?

The Nanaimo Seniors Task Force (NSTF) is a group of volunteers from Nanaimo who are committeed to making Nanaimo an Age-Friendly City. In 2017, the Nanaimo City Council approved the idea of  Nanaimo trying to achieve an age friendly city status which required an application of a plan to the World Health Organization (WHO). The Age Friendly City Plan is based on recommendations that came out of numerous meetings with seniors and a city wide survey that were undertaken as part of the Nanaimo Seniors Connect project. Additionally the NSTF identified groups of potential stakeholders who they are now approaching to discuss the ideas behind the plan and to enlist their support of the idea of making Nanaimo an age-friendly city.

The draft plan was submitted as part of the City of Nanaimo’s Seniors Connect project initiative and is now awaiting endorsement by the new Nanaimo City Council and approval of the provincial representative for the WHO.

The NSTF is actively recruiting new members. If you are passionate about civic engagement, and advocating for better living conditions for everyone, most particularly older adults, please consider joining the committee. Check out who we are and our Age Friendly City Plan here.


The Nanaimo Age Friendly City Plan is hot off the press! Learn about the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force project to advocate for older adults in Nanaimo and make the city a better place for everyone to work, live, grow up and grow old in.

Read the Nanaimo Age Friendly City Plan (Draft). Learn more about the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force or find out how you can volunteer to be part of a subcommittee on one of the many initiatives we will be setting out to achieve over the next five years.

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