Seniors Connect is a collaborative project focused on reducing the social isolation of adults age 55 and over in Nanaimo through participation in local activities, increased community  connection and providing older adults meaningful opportunities for engagement. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program and will provide an array of programming through partner organizations.

Seniors Connect Calendar

November is filled with great programs to get your mind off the weather


This card was envisioned and created by one of our volunteer Action Groups. This wallet-sized piece offers a number of community resources for seniors. Hard copies are available at no cost, contact Seniors Connect to order. A digital version is below:

Seniors Community Resource Card

If you think a senior may be at risk, seek help!

If you are unsure of what to do contact

Vancouver Island Crisis Line


(24 hours a day/7 days a week)

For Information- Support & Referrals.

Dial 911 for urgent emergencies

The Latest on Wise Folks

Espisode 5 – The Importance of Pets

There is a brand new television show for and about older adults that has been produced as a collaboration between the Nanaimo Family Life Association, Shaw TV with support from the New Horizons For Seniors Program and Seniors Connect.

Wise Folks which is filmed and hosted by senior volunteers airs once a month and includes such important topics as social isolation, health and wellness, transportation and more.  Missed an episode? Archives are here. The program also showcases seniors in our community and it is featured Islandwide!  If you have an idea for a great guest on Wise Folks, please contact producer Cathy Holmes at 250-754-3331 x 202.



On Saturday, October 20th, Nanaimoites will be heading back to the polls to elect a new mayor and city council.  The Nanaimo Seniors Task Force created a short survey to get feedback from the candidates on how each of them felt they can make Nanaimo a better place to live for seniors.

Each of those running were asked three questions:

1) How would you propose that Nanaimo Council identify, prioritize and act upon seniors’ needs?

2) Nanaimo City Council has passed a resolution to make the city more Age-Friendly. What are your top three ideas to decrease social isolation among seniors?

3)The Nanaimo Seniors Task Force is undertaking the task of advocating for seniors. If you were on this committee, what is the #1 thing you would want to target to improve seniors’ quality of life in Nanaimo? 

The candidates were given a week to respond, and were told their names and answers would be shared on the Seniors Connect website, Nanaimo Seniors Task Force Page. Read the survey responses


The Nanaimo Age Friendly City Plan is hot off the press! Learn about the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force project to advocate for older adults in Nanaimo and make the city a better place for everyone to work, live, grow up and grow old in.

Read the Nanaimo Age Friendly City Plan (Draft). It has been submitted to the World Health Organization to determine whether or not we can get an age friendly city designation and will be presented to Nanaimo City Council on October 15th for endoresement.  Learn more about the Nanaimo Seniors Task Force or find out how you can volunteer to be part of a subcommittee on one of the many initiatives we will be setting out to achieve over the next five years.

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