Nanaimo Women’s Centre

The Nanaimo Women’s Centre is operated by the Nanaimo Women’s Resources Society (NWRS). The Centre is committed to respectful and inclusive participation regardless of age, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion and sexual orientation. The goal of the NWRS is to strengthen women and families in order to create a healthier community, while working within a feminist non-discriminatory framework, promoting the equality of participants who self-identify as women. The NWRS is also committed to forging both local and global links that promote the rights and equality of women. In addition, the NWRS fosters public awareness and responds to women’s issues while providing skills, programs, resources and services to better equip women for making decisions in their lives. Most importantly, the NWRS provides a safe and supportive environment for participants who self-identify as women.

The Seniors Well Program

Wellness and Empowered Living Longer

The Well Program is a culturally safe set of services that promote principles of wellness, health, and community. The Well Program is committed to respectful and inclusive participation of seniors ages 55+, regardless of ethnicity, social-economic background, religion or sexual orientation. Most services are available to all genders and some are specifically for those who identify as female.

All programming is free of charge.

Outreach Support Programs

The Outreach Program provides services to seniors in their homes, helping them to stay connected to the community and retain their independence.

Support Services

Our anonymous and confidential Support Services link seniors with community resources.

Seniors Support Services is an outreach referral source that provides socially isolated seniors with the tools, education, and resource planning to increase their well-being.

Tenancy Support Services

We offer tenancy support services on an outreach basis for seniors who may be looking for tenancy, struggling to maintain tenancy, or would like to regain control of their tenancy. We connect individuals with needed resources and other agencies in the community.

  • We assist you to seek out housing and provide personal and social support.
  • We can mediate between yourself and your landlord.
  • We can support you in resource planning and identifying your needs.
  • We can assist you with all non-profit and market housing applications.

OWL Program – Outreach Cultural Engagement

The OWL (Older Wiser Living) Outreach Program provides a variety of arts and cultural activities that will be shared with diverse community members and help build inclusion for seniors.

Seniors will shape and develop the projects with the guidance and support of (senior and intergenerational) mentors including elders, artists, and professional and grass roots supporters.

Senior Women’s Wellness Programming

The Senior Women’s Wellness Programming provides interactive learning opportunities for any participant who self-identifies as female, on topics such as stress reduction strategies, exercise, nutrition, and other wellness activities. Learning is focused on addressing the health and wellness needs of senior in this community.

Call 250-753-0633 or visit the Nanaimo Women’s Centre website for more information.






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