Nanaimo Family Life Association

The Nanaimo Family Life Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a proud history of providing services that have touched individuals and families throughout all stages of life and across all backgrounds.
Healthy individual and family relationships are the heart of a strong and resilient community. Our programming is designed to address the unique needs of the individual and offered in an atmosphere of respect, inclusion and compassion.  Those that access our range of services are provided the opportunity to look to their own inner resources and to the community they are part of in order to reach the fullness of their potential.

EngAGE with Seniors Connect Program

EngAGE is an active, healthy aging  program targeted to adults 55+ who are experiencing social isolation due in part to physical and/or mental health issues, situational living changes, and barriers to inclusion.

Active aging improves through:

  • Participation in social activities that foster engagement with others.
  • Understanding social isolation and the associated risk factors.
  • Creating a Personal Wellness Action Plan
  • Attending Health & Wellness workshops
  • Developing one’s leadership capacity
  • Getting support when we need it
  • Having a commitment to community

Seniors Connect Centre Management

The Nanaimo Family Life Association is the managing partner of the Seniors Connect Centre located at 150-B Wallace Street. The Centre which is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm, will provide Nanaimo area adults 55+ with a place to socially engage with others. Be sure to check out the Seniors Connect Centre page for more information.

EngAGE through Social, Health, Wellness, Creative & Artistic Programming

NFLA’s programming focuses on personal development for individuals. Along with our community partners, we will offer and facilitate programs and workshops specifically targeted to reduce social isolation including Men’s Support Groups, Healthy Life Skills & Personal Wellness Workshops, Elder Abuse Awareness Programs and the Seniors Wellness Support Group.  NFLA will also work with other groups in Nanaimo to offer artistic, exercise and healthy eating programs. We invite you to contact us if you have a program or workshop that would be of benefit to seniors at the Seniors Connect Centre or in another area of Nanaimo. Check out the Events Calendar for more information.

EngAGE Outreach Program

NFLA offers free outreach support to all Nanaimo adults 55+ who are feeling the impact of social isolation. If you believe you or someone you know is at risk, contact our Outreach Support Worker today who can come to your home to work with you to reduce the impact of social isolation.

Building Collective Impact as the Seniors Connect Backbone Agency

Through engagement with senior service agencies and initiatives, the Nanaimo Family Life Association along with the other Seniors Connect partners will be engaging with the entire community to share information on seniors social isolation, to identify areas where we can support one another and encourage collaboration between organizations and individuals to reach the goals of the

For more information on Nanaimo Family Life Association visit our website or contact us at 250-754-3331.

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· Attending social inclusion programs: Men’s Support Groups, Healthy Life Skills & Personal Wellness Workshops &  Elder Abuse Awareness Programs at the Seniors Connect Centre

· Developing Seniors Leadership Capacity

· Using NFLA’s EngAGE Outreach and Support Services

· Community Building with senior serving organizations

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